Digital PR

SKYLYN was founded as a digital agency. We know digital, live digital, and would eat digital if we could. In our industry, we saw an unfulfilled need that clients weren’t getting working with traditional PR agencies. Search engine results, social media and a strong web presence matter now more than ever. Our digital marketing will help you reclaim your piece of digital landscape.

When was the last time you picked up a magazine to look up information about a company? Do you remember how you researched someone without using a search engine? 95% of people trust google facts over their spouses/friends opinion. If your only concern is how you or your company appears in traditional media, you are missing out on the majority of users wordwide.

We have been developing and refining the process of SKYLYN  for several years with proven results. We offer custom reporting based on the queries that matter to your business. While no two projects are exactly alike, here are some of the digital public relations services we provide:

Websites - Websites that meet today’s development standards are critical to obtaining effective search engine results and displaying the image you would like for your brand.

Organic SEO - Organic SEO, or search engine optimization, is about creating the accurate messaging people find when they search the search engines. Search engine relationship is crucial to success.

Social Media - Social media carries the voice of a company and the ability to have a two way conversation with your customers. If social media accounts are not claimed or managed, your audience can control your brand.

Press Releases - Press releases via digital public relations resources get instant gratification and placement online. Utilizing the correct tools with digital press releases your brand across many digital mediums.