Bulk Voice Call

Voice SMS / Outbound Dialer

Voice SMS or Outbound Dialer is a platform through which enterprises can send hundreds of pre-recorded voice messages simultaneously and instantly to a pre-determined customer base. The outbound dialer can also be configured as a two-way communication tool wherein touch tone inputs from the customer direct further course of action.


  •  It is highly personalized since the messages are broadcast in a language the recipients understand.
  •  It is handset independent and hence, the enterprise can reach out to a wider audience.
  •  Obtain instant response.


    •  Text-to-speech conversion
    •  Call a number, record your message and send to a select group
    •  Capture user responses through touch-tone
    •  Retry facility
    •  Billing done only for answered calls
    •  Voice artist services
  • NDNC filtering
  •  Call forwarding
  •  Schedule voice messages/campaigns
  •  Real-time reports
  •  Integration of API with existing websites, applications or ERP systems