Bulk E-Mail

Choosing A Free Bulk Email Service

You have a killer email marketing campaign locked and loaded. Now how to get it to the 2000 or 2 million email addresses on your mailing list? For most marketers, an email service is the answer to reliably and effectively deliver mass email without the hassle or costs of trying to DIY.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming mass mailing has to carry a hefty price tag. Mailgun and Mailjet both offercomprehensive deliverability features and powerful marketing automation tools, so your bulk emails actually reach every intended person on your mailing list.

Mailjet has a feature-rich email builder that lets you build beautiful and responsive emails in minutes. Mailjet’s advanced email marketing features like A/B testing and personalization will help you fine tune your campaigns. Move fast with Real-Time Collaboration, letting you and your team build campaigns at the same time, and Linked Sections enable you to quickly and easily update a large number of templates.

Not only will your bulk emails reach every intended recipient thanks to our unrivaled deliverability, but the process of creating your email campaigns is intuitive, easy, and super fast.